Rattling Tailgate on the '88

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    Rattling Tailgate on the \'88

    I bought my first K5 Blazer last fall, a 1988 with a blown motor. I dropped in a new crate engine and custom dual exhaust so it runs awesome. However, there are some pretty bad rust rotting areas especially the rear bed area where the tailgate hinges bolt on. The tailgate rattles REALLY bad and is REALLY loud.
    Any suggestions as to how a local body shop should fix this and do the after market repair panels through JC Whitney and the like really work - I would like to replace the entire bed section if possible. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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    Re: Rattling Tailgate on the \'88

    If you're in good with your local chevy dealer you can swing a complete new bed for $400. That whats I'm doing. It has the tailpan and everything. Might need acess to a few tools but its pretty srtaight forward, yank the old and and drop in the new.

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