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    if you want to powder coat them yourself "eastwood company" here in pa. make a kit for around $ can only cook it in an ELEC. oven though,,you can not use a gas oven cause of the fumes i believe and you cannot cook in it afterwards,,well only if your really hungry,,,hell who doesn't need an oven in the garage??? i know i could use one!! just go get one on bulk trash night!! usually can find at least two,,one of them has got to work and if not rip the parts off one to fix the other,,they're free anyway!!!!

    go to and click on specialty coatings,,,powdercoat at home for $149.99

    hey steve!!!!! how did this get on the post board?????and in a post at the same time??????

    <font color=green>ooohhhhhh great YOU BROKE IT AGAIN DIDN'T YOU????</font color=green>

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