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Discussion in 'Land Use' started by Benzoate, Jun 15, 2000.

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    Hello all,
    I was educated as a Forester and I now work for the Gov't. Things up here are seriously screwed up. There is a trend in management of wildlands that is going against 'wise use'. This is due to one fact alone that no one seems to realize: Urban Sprawl. As people move out and out from cities they pressure the surrounding land. More and more people are using the recreational facilities at an unprecendented rate and the pressure is degrading the environment and people look for new areas.

    The hippies, instead of addressing the gargantuan problem of figuring out how to keep people in the cities, are attacking the easier target: USFS and the BLM. The Park Service is pretty much safe because their mission statment has always been preservation.

    However, the BLM and USFS' mission statements have been 'wise use'. People do not realize this and want to make it all wilderness, thereby locking up the natural resourcse we all use: paper products and oil and gas. The effects 4x4ers are facing are just a side effect to bad policy. Sure some people hate us, but big deal, right? Can't please all the people all the time.

    If you want to make a difference this is what you do, and I do mean everyone has to do this:
    write your represenative and senator. And in working for the gov, your voice will ONLY be heard by YOUR Rep. That's how this government works. Make a LOT of noise, call, let them know your name and address. Threats don't work, they're too insulated, be reasonable.

    And at the Local Level, do everything you can to out do the Hippies. Show up to their rally's for clean ups, do more work for them, be polite. Change our image in their eyes. It's not about what's right, it's about who has the best image and makes the most noise. Sucks, but that's the facts. Also call and write your state reps, get organzied, join big organizations. Look at the NRA, one of the largest lobbing groups out there. Don't just join 4x4 orgs, join any and all orgs that support 'Wise Use' of land and the environment. Everyone has to be PRO-ACTIVE on this issue, or you WILL lose your rights. And as always: Tread Lightly.

    Now things in november will put things at a head:
    If Gore wins, expect a long hard fight.
    If Bush wins, expect, well I'm not sure, he's a moron but if you look at texas you should be able to do whatever the hell you want. But always maintain a good attitude and image, even when you're rolling over rice burners.

    This is just my opinion and how I see things going. this is part of the reason i'm leaving the Hill. had enough of the bs.

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    What kinda money does a forester or forest ranger make, and is your gov't job related to this somehow? I need ideas for a career. I just graduated high school. Thanks

    88 Gmc Jimmy
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    I'll second that Bush is an idiot!


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