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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by chevystepside, Mar 9, 2003.

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    just wandering what everyone thinks of my pics of my rear bumper. i cut off about 10-12 inches on the rear corners.i findly got the front bumper done also just need to take some pics. will post in a few days. working on installing my rock sliders also. so i'll post those pics also. mailed my membership today. so say goodbye to the bluebie colored name.

    i only cut about an 1-2 inch off the frame and i'm going to fill the gap between the bumper and body with aluminum diamond plate. i wanted to be able to stand on the bumper to be able to load and unload the custom con rack i'm building and not have to use a ladder.
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    They look stout! Bet that will stop some of those Turons.
    One small thing though, If you rock crawl with them, you might want to add something to let them slid easier so the don't hang you up on a rock.
    Glad to see another Summit County boy join in!
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    You'll have to join us this summer.

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