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    This is for a 84 K5 10 bolt rear. Noticed it leaking from the rear end so I changed
    out the cover gasket. I got it all sealed up and ready to throw in the oil and
    I can't get the fill plug out as it was already goobered up. Any ideas on getting
    this out?

    I didn't check will close where the leak was coming from, but after closer inspection
    (after I changed the cover gasket) it appears to be leaking from the pinion gear
    seal. How tough is it to change this out?

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    As for the pinion seal, take off the pinion nut and pull the yoke off, then pull the seal out. Install the new seal and then retorque the pinion nut back on. It may be alittle hard to get the pinion nut off, it takes a lot of umph!

    As for the filler plug, is this on the cover or in the housing?
    If in the housing, try welding a nut onto the filler plug. Weld it from the insode of the nut and then you should be able to put a sokcet on it and wrench it off.
    If the plug is in the cover and it protrudes out, try grabbing it with some Vise grips!

    Hope this helps!!!

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