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    For those interested, I custom machined some 7.25 degree shims for my K5 with SkyJacker 6" lift springs. This got my rear Ujoint angle to 1 degree (nearly straight)- this is right where I want it (and where it should be for a CV drive shaft).

    This is in stark contrast to what SkyJacker sells and recommends- I'm going to step out here and say that after talking with SJ at least 3 times- I am convinced that their level one support guys really don't understand what these axle shims are supposed to do. Neither do most Blazer owners I have spoken with.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but as I understand the CV driveshaft theory, the two U-joints in the CV cancel each other out so you have to run the rear one at a minimum angle (just enough to compensate for housing rotation)I have a 205 T-case with a fixed yoke and run a regular driveshaft (fr and rr U-joints) I have a 4" susp. lift and am currently running 4 degree shims. This has the U-joint angles pretty equal, and I get no vibration and the U-joints seem to last. If the guys at SJ don't understand the basics of drivetrain angles maybe they should look for some other job or something.

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