Rear output shaft and seal replacement

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    I have a small leak at the rear of my NP203 where the yoke is so I assume the shaft either is worn or the seal is bad so I will replace the seal first($9) vs shaft($?). Just wondering can this be done without removing the T-case from the tranny? and how? and could I replace the shaft at the same time without too much trouble? My haynes manual stinks and dosent give much explanation on this, so any help is greatly appreciated.

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    If it is a slip yoke you should be able to replace this seal in no time at all with the T-case still in the truck.

    First drain the oil out of the T-case, otherwise when you pull the driveshaft out it will drain itself all over you.

    Second pull out the driveshaft.

    Third remove the old seal, I usually use a flat blade screwdriver for this. It does'nt matter what it looks like when you get it out.

    Fourth clean the surface the seal sits in and drive in the new seal. Line it up square and gently tap it in all around the seal, do not use a BFH.

    Fifth reinstall the driveshaft and then refill the T-case.

    Most slip joints will weep a little even if everything is perfect, just think of it as added rust protection[​IMG]



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