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    Nov 2, 2000
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    I just installed the 4" shackle flip kit from ORU ato replace 5.5" blocks, and I think I made a mistake when I "made" my spring packs from two sets of k5 springs. The overload springs I used are arched upwards, limiting serious spring compression. They droop just fine, but the thick overload springs on the bottom of the pack won't let them flex flat. Can anyone enlighten me on this or let me know if these are load bearing springs that will lower my ride height if I flip or remove them? Thanks.
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    Well not knowing the year of your truck (fill in your bio or include it in your helps) I asume you have a pre 83. Dump the springs and find som newer springs from around 86. The 86's had Tefflon pads on the tips and a much softer rate so much better flex. The set I have are 4 leaf but I think there was a 5 leaf set with the towing package option. I left the stock overload and took the overload from the old springs and put it upside down so that it controls axle wrap and acts like a 3/4 block. The only time the overloads hit at the tips is under motor load when it tries to axle wrap. I ramp 752 on a 25 deg ramp and why I don't do a 900+ is front springs and shocks not the rear. Depdog turned me on to this set up and it works great! Waxer has the same set up and likes it also. Click the link to my page and there is a good flex pic on the ramp in the Mods section.

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