rear seat belt location?

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    Where are these attached at? Cause I dont have them and I'm sure my passengers would be grateful for a belt around them. I DO have the ones for the middle passenger as well as the inside part for the outer passenger. Just not the two outside ones to mate them to. Make sense? Good. now what do i need and where at?

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    The two male ends bolt to the bed right alongside the wheelwells. They have a 90 degree bend in them that allows them to hug the wheelwell so they don't (ideally) get hit by the seat when you fold it back down. They are very short, steel reinforced covered in plastic. They just barely extend above the height of the bottom of the seat cushion.

    Since yours is a '79 (right?) and should have a folding seat, I'm basing this on the way my '83 and '86 was/are.

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