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    I looked at the "project beast" and I noticed the way the rear shocks were. I'm sure there is an upside to the difference between my 78 and this I'm assuming this is custom work. Also about the F250 shock posts what is the deal with these are they req'd with a 4" lift? This is all news to me in the past day about this. Just need some info...Thanx

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    The idea behind the longer shock mounts is to allow for longer shocks over the stock setup which will allow for more articulation. By utilzing longer shocks, you can take full advantage of the flex that you have in your springs, other wise your shocks will limit their travel. Rear shocks mounted like that of Project Beast allow for more articulation in the rear due to the angle of the shocks, under full droop and compression on the other side the shocks at that angle travel less distance. I hope that makes a little sence, I'm sure someone else can add to this a lot more.

    Oh yeah, you don't need the longer Ford towers for any lift, if you have, lets say 4" of wheel travel stock and you put a 4" lift on it with 4" longer shocks you still will have about 4" of wheel travel, but if you put on 6" longer shocks with that 4" lift you could get an additional 2" of wheel travel as long as your springs are soft enough. I pretty much pulled this out of my butt and I could be way off but in theory that seems like what the logic would be - someone please correct me if I am wrong on this.

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