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    Ok, I am about to take the old shotgun to my back power window!! [​IMG] It has always been a big pain in the #ss, and it just keeps getting worse. It has always been a slow mover, but this past week, it now stops about 8 inches from the top on its way up??? It just stops with a "thunk", like it is hitting something on the way up...I was planning on taking the panel off the tailgate again this weekend, is there anything I need to check in particular?? It will go up and down just fine if I trip the tailgate latches and lay the tailgate down flat and support the window glass. But as soon as I close the tailgate and try it again, it just stops. It won't even go up with me "helping" it up (by grabbing the window and pulling it up). Anyone have any ideas?? I just greased the thing all up about a month ago to try to help really sucks in the rain.

    By the way, if I pull and push the window (which is scary, it feels like it is gonna snap off!) enough while activating the switch, it sometimes goes up again...??????????
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    Might be the tracks are just gunked up and such. Mine always have been slow on the upstroke, but at higher RPM's, the alternator puts out a little more juice that puts it all the way up...Might even tear the motor down just for the heck of it, and seal it back up with silicone. : ) I'd be suspecting the tracks though, could even be bent, loose, or out of alignment somehow.

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    Time to take it apart and look inside. There are a few steel rods that are in there that can get jammed in the window track if things get bent. While you're in there, remove the short cable that goes from the motor to the lift mechanism. If it doesn't spin easily in it sheath, replace it. You'll be amazed how much faster the window goes up and down when that cable doesn't have 10+ year old gunk gumming up the works!

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