Rebuild myself or buy rebuilt in Colorado Springs?

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    Need help deciding on what to do for a motor.....Have an 87 350 in definate need of a rebuild. Am wondering if I should rebuild this thing myself or buy a rebuild from a shop here in town. (shop is Aces Auto Engines Supply) This shop has an ad in the Thrifty Nickel for a rebuilt 350 4B for $605 long block, and $382 short blocks with a 1 year warranty. A rough estimate to rebuild mine will be about the same if not more depending on amount of machine work required and reuseable parts. I'm kinda leaning towards buying and tearing it down to check clearances etc. Only problem would be quality of parts they used in it. What do you guys think I should do? On a really tight budget here so I haven't even considered a new motor due to high costs.

    By the way I have the 87 block torn down to bare block, crank looks like it needs turned, ton of black crusty stuff on the piston tops, cam looks good, valves look pretty crusty, and cyl. walls look pretty good. Oh ya, rod and main bearings look like they got really HOT!! They are very rough to the touch and look like peeling paint on a couple of them.

    Give me your ideas on what you guys would do in this sitchiation!! Thanx, Sam

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