Rebuilding Springs (Already did a search)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 88Silverado, Aug 19, 2003.

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    Well I did a search for Rebuilding, Overhauling, Modifying and found some things but not everything im looking for. If there is something, please send me the link. Maybe, next time someone needs this info it will be easily found in a search /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

    I want to overhaul my front Superride 4" springs and stock rear springs before/during the lift installation. I have seen some info about greasing spring leafs, Tapering edges, Loosening spring pack clamps, Teflon inserts, etc. but have some questions on different methods.

    Front Superride Springs:
    1. Does the clamp on the ends of the spring need to be completly removed to get the pack apart or can it just be loosened and the springs slide out? (after removing the center bolt).

    2. Can the clamp be reused or do I need new ones. If new, any particular place to get them?

    3. After cleaning, deburring, smoothing and repainting the leafs with an epoxy paint, whats the best way to re-assemble. Just grease the leafs with a Marine Grease or Silicone grease or just use that thin UHMW-PE material? Who sells that material?

    3. Spring Pack Clamp: They currently look pretty tight. Do they really need to be tight or is leaving them slightly loose so things can move around ok?

    Rear Springs:
    Mine appear to have some hard tab on the spring ends.
    I assume all I would need to do here is paint then grease the tabs or install a length of UHMW-PE.

    I thought about flipping the overload (mines got a pretty good curve to it and I assume its holding the back straight and level. Its the Tow Package so dont know if it used stiffer springs) but was told this may allow the springs to arch backwards possibly damaging them. Can the curved overload be replaced by a flat one or should I just leave it?
    All my camping gear and possibly a tent or motorcycle trailer will be hauled on the rear of this truck so kinda concerned about that.

    Finally, might as well replace the spring and shackle bushings. Standard Poly or Greasable? (Are greasable really worth the extra $$$)
    Which supplier for bushings? (ORD, Daystar, Energy..???)

    Thanks..this will get me started. Im going to prep the front springs first since they're sitting on my bench. hopefully when I do the shackle flip on the rear I'll know how to rebuild those springs quickly /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif
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    What kind of springs are they?

    You can send them back and get new ones free if they're lifetime warranty.

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