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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by JROSS, Nov 27, 2001.

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    Oct 12, 2001
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    I will soon have in my hand a rebuilt 305 bored over, (not sure on exact specs yet), complete except for carb. I dad runs the auto dept at the local college, so I'm getting a break on cost. My question is what would this fairly stock 305 2-bolt main go for. Any money I make I get to put right back into the Blazer. It ran great before I took it out of my Camaro, I had it rebuilt because it was the right price and it had set for a few years.
    Thanks in advance.

    81 Blazer C10 Silverado Package, 350, 4" lift, 35" tires

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