[red]Stock Driver's Bucket Seat installation Question[/red]

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    [red]Stock Driver\'s Bucket Seat installation Question[/red]

    I spent some time last night removing the aftermarket bench seat in my '72 K5 and trying to re-install the stock buckets that I got with the truck. Passenger side went in easily...all I need is the piece that bolts to the floor, that the rear latch grabs onto....that seems to be missing from my 'parts box' [​IMG]

    The drivers seat is strange....maybe I'm missing something too. It has a set of mounting holes in the front, just like the passenger side (on that little raised bump of sheetmetal), and a total of 4 holes per side on each of the rear corners. If I mount the seat starting with the front holes (like the pass side), the only rear holes that line up are the pair closest to the front of the truck. This is OK, but then the seat doesn't slide all the way back like I would expect it to. If I bolt the rear brakets to the holes that are furthest back...the seat slides all the way back, but now the front brakets are nowhere near the front mounting holes anymore.

    I suspect that I am missing some bracketry on the drivers seat....probably an adapter plate that allows the front holes to be offset somehow. What's also weird is that the rear metal braket for the seat track is this complex-looking bracket that is quite thick....which makes me think I need special longer bolts to secure it properly. Or maybe there is some kind of other bracket on the rear of the seat track that I'm missing?

    I checked the ChevyDuty catalog for any clues about seat brackets or adapters....no luck there. Anyone got an idea what I'm talking about, and what the solution is?

    w/ Big Bad 427

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