REDBIRD 4 Wheelin' , Sept 4th, Labor Day weekend, ANYBODY

Discussion in 'Midwest Region' started by gzzgfw, Aug 11, 2004.

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    REDBIRD 4 Wheelin\' , Sept 4th, Labor Day weekend, ANYBODY

    Checking out interest of four wheeling Sat. Sept. 4th at REDBIRD near Dugger, IN.

    The terrain is nice for larger vehicles and the weather will be great. It's 10 bucks per vehicle so it cheap!
    Anybody in Ill. or Ind. up for it. I could be talked into it.
    check out for more info.
    Trials are marked real clearly but I can also arrange for Tony Lance, an Redbird group member, who knows and cut most of the trails to lead us around.

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