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    You guys in Co. should get behind this Rep. IMO. Help him oust the bastard.

    Effort to oust CU prof rejected

    Lawmaker tries to alter funding

    By Jim Hughes
    Denver Post Staff Writer

    A freshman House Republican and Army reservist tried and failed to legislate University of Colorado ethnic-studies professor Ward Churchill out of a job Wednesday by amending a budget reform bill. Rep. David Balmer of Centennial proposed that revenues allowed by the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights reform measure would not be sent to CU-Boulder "so long as Ward Churchill is employed by the university."

    Democratic Majority Leader Alice Madden, D-Boulder, kept Balmer's suggestion from consideration by ruling that it did not fit under the title of House Bill 1194, which is sponsored by Democratic House Speaker Andrew Romanoff.

    Afterward, Balmer said he should have been allowed to proceed with his amendment. Madden defended her decision.

    "I've never been more absolutely sure of a ruling in my life," she said.
    Balmer, an Army Reserve major assigned to military intelligence, said he knocked on more than 100 doors in his district last weekend and came away convinced that the controversy over Churchill was the top priority for his constituents.

    "They don't want to see their universities further damaged by this whole brouhaha," he said.

    In 2001 Churchill wrote an essay in which he equated victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to a Nazi war criminal. The essay is "personal" for Balmer, he said.

    Balmer, who has served in Afghanistan and Bosnia, helped deliver a flag that had flown at the wreckage of the World Trade Center in New York City to Afghanistan, he said.

    "That was a very moving moment for me," he said. "Statements he has made that were supporting the terrorists strike a personal chord with me."

    Balmer will try again this session to get his proposal before the House but he isn't optimistic, he said. "I'm going to look for other vehicles," he said. "It's difficult when you're in the minority party.",1413,36~61~2754051,00.html
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    They're wrong. Firing that idiot will only make an academic martyr of him, reducing his workload and commensurately his salary until it makes it no longer viable for him to work there is the way to go, just let him fade away into obscurity.

    They've already removed him from ethic studies chair position, he is a discredited scholar (many of his writings have been shown to be not only factally innaccurate, but plagiarized), and an art counterfeiter to boot (he not only sold "native" art while not being a native, but also stole artwork from a true native artist, slightly changed it and sold it as his own)

    I promised not to start posts anymore about this jackass because I had already posted about five times at the beginning of this sh*tstorm, but all of the things I noted are easily documentable with an internet search. If you're interested there's also footage of him taking a swing at a cameraman for the local news, real tough guy.:laugh:

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