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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by xnoahx, Feb 10, 2002.

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    How do I remove my dash? I just painted my door panels with some vynal paint and now i want to do my dash to mach but i dont know how to get the thing off. Any trick to it?

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    If you mean the dash pad, it's very simple......

    Undo all the screws(along the top of the bezel, on the lip above the glovebox, and the sneaky one[​IMG] on the passenger-side face of the pad). Reach in through your golvebox and disconnect the vent hose to your right side dash vent. Then GENTLY lift upwards and don't force it. I've heard lots of stories of old dried-out dash pads cracking in half when they were removed.

    Reiinstall in the opposite order. You may have to play around to get the sucker to line up, but if you're patient it should be easy.

    I don't think I forgot anything. If I did, I'm sure someone will correct me[​IMG][​IMG]!!!!

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    there are screws when you open the door- up in the corner of the dash- PIA to reach- also you need to take out the screws in the front- by the gauge cluster- heater switches... I think thats it for screws.... then just TUG,,, if your worried about breaking it-- good luck getting it in AND out without doing at least a little damage... its more than likely VERY dry rotted, and not as "spongey" as it use to be...When you put it back in- you have to put the part near the windsheild FIRST, tilted so the part closes to you is UP, like on an angle- so the clips will bite into the defroster openning... then just push HARD, and they will slide in..

    I redid mine this summer, its much easier to get out than it is to put back- in my opinion..

    good luck!

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