Replace U joints on 72 Jimmy

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    After working on the underside of my Jimmy (painting, etc) my ujoints starting chirping. (sounds like birds) I went ahead and bought 2 ujoints at the autozone, looked at the two models and got a set.

    My question is, how hard of a job is this (rear driveshaft), any tips, and should I replace any seals at the back of the tcase while I am at it?

    Sam Hinton
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    U-joints arn't all that hard to do. I would sugest getting a ball joint press (which will also do U-joints and you will have it around when you need to do the ball joints) from harbor freight. You can also do it with some sockets and a vice (or sledge if you have to). I would put in a new output shaft seal while you are in there. To do that you will have to pull the yoke which isn't too bad but does take a big socket (1-1/8" IIRC). Make sure you grease them good...they come with just enough to keep all the needles in.

    -Press one side over just enough to get the c clip out from the inside of the yoke
    -Press it over the other way to remove the cap that you just took the c-clip off of.
    -Now remove the other c-clip and press it over the other way again to get the last cap off.

    -To reinstall wrap some duct tape to hole on one pair of caps (don't have to do this but it sometimes makes it easier and you don't have to worry about droping it in the dirt) and remove the others.
    -Wiggle the cross into place in the d-shaft
    -Place the 2 caps in place
    -Clamp the whole thing together while keeping the cross aligned and put the new c-clips in. After you have it bolted back up hit it side to side some on the end of the s-shaft (not on the tube!) to seat the c-clips so they don't fall out.

    What brand u-joints does autozone sell?
    If this was a front axle u-joint I would go with Spicer only.
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    way i do it usually: take and heat up the yoke around the caps just til hot but not super hot(can risk blowing cap out of yoke and hitting you in the face) and then take a socket thats no larger diameter than the cap or take a pinion lock shaft out of a rear axle, and set a socket under the cap on bottom and on top of a block of 4x4 or something, socket underneath has to be larger insdie diameter than the outside diameter of the cap , then take a BFH and hit the smaller socket and drive the caps down and through, works pretty good usually, or you can do same with sockets in a bench vice if the caps ar enot frozen in the yoke real badly.

    to get the clips out you usually have to smack the cap down with soem good tapping and thne the clips should bend for you and come right out of the groove, then to do opposite cap clip tap the u joint the opposite way int he yoke to loosen up that clip in its groove.

    good luck

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