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    I'm looking into buying a 1977 K-5 Blazer. The body is quite thoroughly rusted around the wheel wells and hood, but what catches my eye is the 350 4-speed, and the very cheap price. The hood and all four wheel wells are eaten, but at least the cab floors are good and the thing runs and drives relatively well.
    When I first saw the condition of the vehicle, I didn't think too much about buying it, but last night, out of boredom, I decided to do a check on replacement body panels. When I saw the prices, my jaw dropped to the floor. Looking on , full front fenders $36?!?! (previously $64) This sounds WAY too good to be true ... (I have a '71 cutlass as well, and the restoration catalog lists ones for my car at $300 apiece! ) Are these repro panels from that website awful quality?

    Anyway, my question is about how much would it be to replace all four fenders on the thing? Is there any vendor out there that sells fenders that are decent quality, yet still cheap? (Patch panels on the rear quarters probably won't cut it, there is rust along the top as well, I had some difficulty locating repro full rear quarter panels...)
    I'm not looking for show-quality sheetmetal here, just something that will look pretty good on a daily driver that will see some offroading at least.
    One more thing: The windshield is cracked across the center. The guy wants $600, but I doubt he will sell it for that much (the large amount of rust is kind of a turnoff). What do you think?
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    I don't know much about the cheapo Taiwan fenders for $36 except that freight will kill you.
    I just bought two new Goodmark fenders for $75 each. Try to find a place you can buy them locally as shipping ruins the deal.
    -- Mike

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    go to and order a free cataloge..

    some of the prices
    rocker panles inner / outer 6.95/19.95
    wheel wells front 39.95
    front fender and rear bed side are a bit expensive but replacement tips arn't to bad... 12.95 for front fender tips to 39.95 on the bed side replacement tips.... some of the prices are decent... especially here in florida.... parts for trucks are expensive....

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