replacing carb while q-jet is rebuilt

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    What carb should i get to replace my q-jet? I have a bone stock 305 in an 84 k-5. I will just be using this carb until i learn how to rebuild my q jet. I plan on ordering from Would the carter AFB 625 cfm with GM linkage fit on my truck? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Uhhhh unless your old Q Jet need the main shafts to have some bronze inserts installed your only looking about $14 for a rebuild kit and about $20 for carb cleaner and a bucket of carb soak and a Satuday afternoon.
    If your going to lay out cash for a new carb then lay out a little more and buy a New Quadrajet. It makes no sense to buy a Carb that is going to need adaptors and different linkages while you rebuild your carb.
    Rebuilding that carb is 95% cleaning and 5 % adjustment. Honest. It's taking it appart, clean, check all the ports and passages that they are clean. JB Weld the casting plugs in the bottom. Assemble the base. Set the float hight. Put the top on. Bolt it down to the engine. Adjust the choke and idle mix. Just don't go messing with the secondaries and "SNUG" on the screws. If you over tighten the screws it will warp the body.
    Mark the choke before you remove it so you can get it back to where you started.
    Hell I'll rent you a carb For $50 when I get around to rebuilding the other carb I have on the bench.

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