replacing power steering box... did a search

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    ok i did a search and found a lot on 2wd boxes but not much at all on replacing my box. how hard is this to do? i'm planning on doing it today, but i need to know if i can do it alone. unbolting it from the frame doesn't sound hard wat about the pitman arm? or the steering shaft? never messed with it before so i dont know.
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    It is cast iron and heavy. I did it alone, holding it with one hand while threading on the bolts with the other.
    You may need some help to hold it up.

    Like I said, it's pretty heavy esp for just one arm.

    Pitman arm - for the 4wd boxes, there is a bolt that must be completely removed - then the pitman arm can be pried off. No big deal.
    The steering shaft bolts to the steering column at the firewall - also just one bolt that must be completely removed, then it can be pries off (it is splined, like the pitman arm.)
    The box end of the steering shaft - there is two bolts that connect the steering shaft to the rag joint. Ratchet and a wrench will make short work of it.

    -- Mike

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