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    Jul 15, 2001
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    Hi Brandy,

    Thanks for the email. I've seen all of those posts. The reason I haven't suspended their account is because none of the methods they are talking about actually work.

    The voting software uses many different anti-cheating methods. Deleting cookies or voting from several different computers housed in the same location (like work or a school lab) will not result in multiple votes. The software is smarter than that.

    But I appreciate your concern.

    so guys- since what they are doing is not working- WHY ARE THEY STILL AHEAD OF US?????????


    LOVING the new Duramax!!!
  2. Thunder

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    Jul 20, 2000
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    I got pretty much the same reply: They had read the posts ect ect...............................
    They are ahead of us because no one here is really voting. In the last hour CK5 only got 3 votes one of them is mine. our vote totals went from 1163 at 6:25 server time to1166 at 7:26 server time. In the last 12 hours we only got 76 votes. There are at least 20 people online right now.
    I guess nobody really cares.
    You would think that the <font color=orange>ORANGE</font color=orange> Menbers would at least vote. There are about 200 of us. If all the offical members voted even once a day we would be far ahead of the tacos.
    On average CK5 is only getting about 130 votes a day. Pretty sad for a good informative site with 3869 users[​IMG]
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  3. hammer

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    Aug 29, 2001
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    Binghamton N.Y.
    Just got out of bed turned computer on and voted. starting to wonder does every body reading this know how to vote for this site? Click the <font color=orange>VOTE</font color=orange> in the top right corner of your screen

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    Oct 3, 2001
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    I just votef twice and the vote count did NOT change!!!What is up with that???I make a duty to vote twice a day!!!I don't see where there are more Toys out there than "US".And I once was a Toy boy once(just recently!!) until I grew up and wanted a real truck with an V-8,Live axles and just plain fun to work on.Oh, and let's not forget being way cheaper to get parts for!On my '87 4Runner, I had over $9000 invested in it and that was without a V-8 and front live axle!I now have about $2000 grand in the K/5 with the cost of the truck itself.The truck has so far,edelbrock intake(waiting for it to arrive),Flowmaster mufflers(thanks to fellow K/5 er),4" lift,rear 56" springs and shackle flip,3/4 ton diffs with 4.10's(or 4.56's...have to check),15x8 8 lug US Wheels,urethane spring bushings,BFG 35" muds(thanks to C'Moe!),soon to install the TH400/208 trans.All that for $2000.Now try that in a Toy!!Come on you K/5 ers, get up and VOTE!!!
  5. rocko

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    Jul 3, 2000
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    Ellsworth, Maine
    *** in reference to "my votes aren't showing up ****

    If you read the FAQ's on top sites.. it say's your vote doesn't register instantly.. it'll register in interval's.. for instance every 20 minutes..
    So you're vote is good. just takes awhile to refresh and show up on top4x4 site..

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  6. Greg72

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    Mar 5, 2001
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    Austin, TX
    Forgive me if I sound like a dumbass.....but who cares about our "vote tally" at somebody else's website?

    Personally, I already KNOW what the best site is!! [​IMG]....I probably am onto this site 20 times a day looking at messages, and posting questions &amp; answers.

    If this "Top 4x4" site voting has some sort of financial benefit to our site (ie. Steve can attract more advertisers) then I understand the constant "begging for votes" that goes on here.

    If it serves no purpose other than to stroke our own egos about "who is the better website", then I think some people here should consider that it's the "content" of the website....and NOT the number of VOTES that make a site GREAT!!!

    By the way, the Tacoma Site may get more votes......but CK5 still got my membership money!!! I guess you could say that, in that respect, I have ALREADY voted! [​IMG]


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  7. four_by_ken

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    Jun 9, 2001
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    Allenton, MI
    I agree. I vote when I am on the site, but I sure am not worried about the top4x4 site. Doent matter to me. But, I do vote since so many people are so damn paranoid about it.

    Ken H.

    '86 K5 up and coming
    14 bolt(Detroited),10 bolt,39.5 Boggers rear,
    TSLs front, 468 BBC, 350 trans, 205 transfer
    Rust free in Michigan!
  8. thatK30guy

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    Jan 12, 2001
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    I agree too, Ken, that too many people are getting paranoid and taking this tooooo seriously. [​IMG]

    If you have noticed, this is the first reply to the "voting" threads that I have made.

    I admit, that while I do not vote twice, or even once a day, that does not really matter when I KNOW this site is the best!! Hands down, we do not need a voting site to prove ourselves!!! [​IMG]

    I'm not picking my nose...I'm just pointing at my brain!! [​IMG]

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  9. bigjbear

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    Feb 18, 2000
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    Maybe I'm missing something here but why is anyone worked up about this? I've been hanging around on this site for a while but I rarly hit the "vote" button. If you want to make a differance spend some time at BRC's site or UFWDA's Just my $.02

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