Restoration - Body Integrity and Crossmember

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    Good morning all from Houston
    I am preparing to pull the Jimmy body off the frame, after having replaced the floorboards, lower pillars front and rear, and rear quarters.

    While mounting the doors, it was obvious that the weakened front pillars (now replaced) allowed the cowl to tilt rearward. The body guy is concerned that without the top, the cowl will sag in the future, compromising door fit and paint. Looks to me that the front clip (off now) will tend to support the cowl - it should be in tension (?). Rocker boxes intact and sound. Anyone have experience here? As the trucks were offered without tops, I would guess everything will be OK, but would appreciate input from those of you with experience.

    I need another rear crossmember, as I plan to install a big Aerotank. The original is gone and was replaced by a beefy hitch that I believe may interfere with the new tank. Are these the same for Blazers/Jimmys as for pickups? Anyone got one (or two)?

    Thanks and take care

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