RJ And Carl Collaborate

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, May 5, 2005.

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    "One day, I saw a man made out of gum, and I ate him. There was a little boy made out of gum. He said, "You ate my daddy."

    "I don't care," I said. He told me that the hole world was gum!

    "Once," he said, "I ate a school."

    I ate him too and 10 cars and 20 states and 5 million sky-skrapers and I blew a bubble as bit as Erth and all the other planets including the sun!

    The end.

    Mr. Vigil do you like gum?"

    So said the awkward man that smelled of pine needles who sat next to RJ in a cafe in the far north, above Golgotha and below Heaven.

    The awkward man picked at his hot beef combination. He seemed to be torn between eating it and molding it into a new god for his worship.

    "I know it's not ten cars, buddy, but eat up!"

    He turned his little head a little more and stared under girlish lashes at the scarred monument that was one Resurrection Joe.


    "I said, eat your food!"

    "Oh, sorry, was I mumbling again?"



    He turned back to his meal and started eating, seeming to enjoy it

    RJ got up and tromped over to the cashier isle. He made a transaction and went outside to sit on the benches arranged for scenic viewing of the northern borders.

    Thirty minutes later, RJ came from the opposite end of the building. Holding his stomach and stumbling. He plopped back down besides the awkward man.

    "Hey, you know what, I ate ALL the gum on the cashiers isle, and I don't think I can blow any bubbles. In fact, I know I can't. We better get out of here before someone sees what's in th bathroom.
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    That's hardcore. It's like third grade and 2005 united into one... A remix if you will... By Fatboy Slim.....

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