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    Jun 9, 2002
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    Stevens Pass Highway, WA
    I started out early last Friday morning. Filled up my truck in Bend, OR for $1.759 only to find gas at $1.639 only 35 miles later in LaPine /forums/images/graemlins/ignore.gif Oh well found gas for $1.519 just north of Klamath Falls, OR and was down to 1/2 tank so I stopped and topped it off before crossing the border.

    I spotted this truck for sale along the side of the road and missed the first important turn to bypass down town Klamath Falls... I stopped and got a pic when I turned around to figure out where I goofed up.

    As I was going past Mt. Shasta I mananged to get one clear shot of a mountain peak. I'm not even sure if it is Mt. Shasta but the pic turned out good.

    Made it to Redding, CA for a 6066 GMC Truck club get together at a local park. Quite a few members made it with their trucks while mine was not yet ready for this trip but I made up for it with parts for others attending. The main line runs above the park so there were trains passing thru about every 30-45 minutes.

    Then headed down to Hollister to pickup a truck bed to haul back to WA State.

    I made it back across the OR border by 9pm Saturday night in the heavy rain & occasional snow up in the mountain passes. Stopped for a short nap by Crater Lake and woke up to ice covered roads.

    Imagestation pics

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