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    Hello all, please remember this is tentative and I will just be using a pick up and trailer, that said. I will be making a road trip within the next couple of weeks. I am posting my plans so I can help deliver anything to anyone! I will be leaving out of Childress, TX and the first stop will be be promudder1's in Kansas Kity, so if you live east of cortney's house and want something I might be able to help alleviate the shipping, next stop, mo offroad in Warsaw Mo, again if you are east of Steve and are getting something I might be able to help you out, then to the bigdaddyof2 in O'Fallon Mo, then to dayton ohio and then to roostr3269 in Newaygo and Zeppelin in Ann Arbor Mich. Then start the trip back, I have no stops on the way yet, but can go back by cortney's house and possibly bring stuff back with me so the western and southern people could meet me and pick up. This is just a general outline and the time frame is in the next 2 to the 3 weeks, I will have my cell with me and will exchange numbers with all the parties involved. one last thought, I am going this way anyway to pick up my stuff, so I am not charging to do this, however; if you want to throw some gas and burger money at me, it will be appreciated, if not, oh well, I AM NOT CHARGING FOR THIS AT ALL thanks Jeff

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