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    Oct 24, 2001
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    how many of ya'll are running rochester q-jets. most everybody around here talks em' down. i had a friend who used to rebuild em' down south, re-do two of mine and he did a fine job and i have had no problems. i have two questions.
    1st my 4-barrel carb # is 7045228tk-0295. can someone decode this for me. i have info on the process of decoding it, but do not completely understand it. i need year of carb primarily. next question is , i seen a post awhile back about cutting a q-jet and modifing it for better power and mpg. i do not want to do this work myself, so does any one have a clue as to the expense of a machine shop. and obvoiusley you need a complete rebuild kit again if you have to tear it down that far to do the job ? or can one get the gaskets some other way ? thanks ahead of time for any responses.
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    i run a qjet on my 383 stroker with no problems i have done a few mods to it go to mike's 73-87 chevy pickup garage he has lots of info on the qjets

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    Custom cut Q-jet post;
    <a target="_blank" href=;Board=blazer4x4&amp;Number=273829&amp;part=1>;Board=blazer4x4&amp;Number=273829&amp;part=1</a>
    Gotta' love that right click thing!

    That would be my creation. I used a Dermil tool with some bur-bits and emmery-drums. This is the thrid carb we've modified, except this one has all the modifications done to it (as far as "cutting"). One of the other carbs was installed on a blown '72 2wd short bed, and the guy seems to be very impressed with it. I'm not sure what happend to the first carb.

    It's a not very hard job to do, but very time consumeing. Basic knowledge of carburation and eye for air-flow is all thats really needed to complete this knid of job. (It's not a machine shop thing) A complete rebuild should follow, as-there will be shaveings that may be lodged in ports and passages. Also, expect a need to change jets and/or metering rods, possibly even air-bleeds, after the carb is installed.

    Is it worth it?
    I hope so, the current carb (in the pics) is still being worked on, I'll be sure to let CK5ers know of the out-come. I spent most of this weekend "tweeking" the home-made flow-bench, and tring to get some useable numbers..

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    Can you give more info on the homemade flow bench (i.e. how/what you used to make it, and how it works). It would be greatly appreciated.

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