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    Thats right all you crawlers out there. I was out there today checking it out. Watched a nice flexy Toyota crack his new TH400. The course is in a riverbed that they brought a bunch of rocks into. They flagged the course and the only tough thing is that most are jeeps I think and it's a little tight in the turns for our trucks. If I knew some of you wanted to enter I would go out there again and talk the owner into making it a little more forgiving in the turns. He's a nice guy. Besides the flags, the course looks like the stuff we run on every weekend. Some of the rocks are pretty big and some deep holes but I don't think some of the Blazers I have seen would have any trouble. I would enter it but I'm still not locked and my tires aren't any great things. Next year I'll go for it. I can also get you in to practice if you want or take pictures and post them. They have a limit of 60 trucks and 30 already entered. The rest of the info. is on there flyer, check it out. It sounds like a fun time even to watch, camp out and party.
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    Hope some of you try it, I would love to see a K5 walk with the $1000.[​IMG]

    [​IMG]<font color=red>[/b]"Rid'in HigH in my K5"[​IMG]
    ....[​IMG]<font color=blue>[/b]"6" Lift -<font color=purple>38.5's"[​IMG]....

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