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    I am planning on replacing my rockers and floor. Upon price shopping I have found out that rockers from a Chevy dealer are $160 and from the auto paint stores they run about $20 -$30 . What the heck is the big price dif? Just name? any suggestions on where to buy from would be greatly appreciated.
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    Get the part #'s and try, look up by part number. They are generally the cheapest. GM typically will sell to private citizens what the "list" price is, as shown on They sell to high volume body shops at what gmpartsdirect shows as your price. Also, the rockers you are looking at are probably Korean made, and from all the Korean parts I have seen, made from much thinner sheet metal, and do not use near the metal working craftsmanship as GM parts. (tack welds that aren't filled in, corners that are not folded over, but left open so water can enter, etc)

    Sad to say, you are going to pay for the GM parts, but for the most part, they are going to be 10 times better than the cheap knock offs.

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