rockford fosgate amp at 1.5 ohms...

Discussion in 'Audio' started by 3car, Jul 18, 2003.

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    i have a fosgate 300s amp that i used to run my 6.5's and 6x9' other amp is deceased,so i thought i'd hook my kenwood excelon 10's to the fosgate with all the sounds pretty good,but this amp is 2 ohm stable in stereo,and my trusty ohm meter tells me i have a load of 1.5 ohms.the tech guys at rockford said they dont recomend it,but if it dont go into protection mode,all should be fine.i ran it for about 15 minutes with no problem,except one pissed neighbor.has anyone had a fosgate amp they ran below 2 ohms??? /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif
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    How did you measure that 1.5 ohms?

    Remember the resistance of a speaker changes depending on what frequency it's trying to reproduce. Most decent speaker companies will publish what they call an "impedence curve" for the sub to show you a plot of frequency vs. ohms.

    It might be that the setup you are running is close enough to 2 ohms that it doesn't matter. It may also be that if you ran pure sinewave signals (at various frequencies) through that setup, you might find ones that cause the amp to shut down.

    Anyway, it sounds like the amp is "doing it's thing" so it sounds like you have a decent solution there.


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