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Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by NateInChandler, Apr 23, 2007.

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    Hey fellas, we have a extra room here for rent if anyone is interested.. we live in a great part of chandler with no home owners association or anything like that, big pool in the back yard and plenty of garage space for working on your 4x4 and stuff... certain limitations will need to be met (no working on stuff after 9pm, no drugs, no alcohol except special occasions, and stuff like that), but my sister and I are needing the extra money towards bills and stuff and a room mate would help a lot... I know a few of you were looking for a place to stay a while back so theres gotta be someone out there.. dont wanna invite someone i dont know, or someone just off the street... your rent will include utilities and stuff like that also, but will not include meals and certain supplies, if you want meals, that would be a little extra as we are on a TIGHT budget.... I really really really wanna keep this house and we figure the $600 a month extra would let us just scrape by... I know this seems a little high, but if you look at the prices for a 1 bedroom apartment with a closet and sink and no storage space, no garage to work in, and no utilities, you would realize that $600 is not that bad.... I hope i can find someone on here as i really dont wanna hit up craigslist for someone i dont even know.... PM me if your interested, or call me at 480-209-2949 and we can schedule a time for you to come look the place over if you havent seen my house yet.... Nate

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