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    Mar 6, 2000
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    I did have a check engine code, but it was the oxygen sensor. I am currently not having any check engine codes
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    The reason I didn't mention the O2 sensor in the other post is due to the fact that the O2 sensor can also be affected by a leak in vacuum lines. If there is a leak somewhere, then a sudden gulp of air into the engine could trigger the O2 sensor to send a code to the computer but as you stated, it would clear again because it was a temporary thing. If the O2 sensor was carbing up, it should cause a rich or lean condition which would be more permanent and I don't think that it would be responsible for the surging as such. I know it's a vague answer but like I keep saying at the end of my posts, I'm Still in Search of THE TBI KING! something I make no claim to being!

    Hope this helped a bit and anyone more knowledgeable can feel free to contradict. Again, I'll look it up in my books when I get home.

    Still in Search of the TBI KING!!

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