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    Here is what is supose to happen this money came fromt the ISTEA funds and what it takes is somebody making an effort to get that money. This money is from Gasoline taxes. Here are links to how this works



    Here is what ahppens when folks take advantage of the above program. Now that money this list came from people doing work in the FS and keeping track of their time and expendetures. the ISTEA fund then set aside money for the area where the work was done....IT IS IMPARITIVE YOU WORK WITH YOUR LOCAL FS, DNR, County, BLM, CITY and track this information. No documentation no money, no trail.

    >Indiana Department of Natural Resources
    >402 W. Washington St. W255 B
    >Indianapolis, IN 46204-2748
    >For immediate release: August 19, 2002
    >State receives federal funds for off highway vehicle recreation facility
    >The latest development in recreational trails is those designed for the =
    >off highway vehicle, called an OHV. And Indiana's first state-owned OHV =
    >recreation area is about to move from the drawing board to the =
    >construction phase.=20
    >The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced today the receipt =
    >of $225,460 of federal funds for the Redbird OHV Area near Dugger in =
    >Sullivan County.
    >The Redbird OHV Area is expected to begin operation next spring with the =
    >first part of the facility available for use. The DNR plans to purchase =
    >additional land to increase the size of the Redbird area and, during the =
    >coming years, develop more trails and recreational facilities. The =
    >Redbird OHV Area will be maintained and operated by private OHV trail =
    >groups under a cooperative agreement with the DNR.
    >"I am excited about the progress we are now making to make the Redbird =
    >OHV Area available to the public," said DNR Director John R. Goss. "The =
    >dollars for these and other Recreational Trails Program grants come from =
    >the pockets of off highway vehicle users. I'm happy that we are now =
    >going to make a terrific state-owned OHV facility accessible to the =
    >The 2002 federal grant brings the total funding received for acquisition =
    >and development of the Redbird OHV Area to $477,200. The money will be =
    >used to purchase additional coal mine land to add to property already =
    >owned by the state.=20
    >The funds will also be used to begin developments including the first of =
    >several planned riding trails, fencing, a gatehouse and parking lot, and =
    >restrooms. The Redbird OHV Area will be the first state-owned OHV riding =
    >facility in Indiana.=20
    >Each year a portion of federal taxes on gasoline purchased by OHV users =
    >are apportioned to the Recreational Trail Program by the U.S. Department =
    >of Transportation through the Federal Highway Administration. The =
    >apportionment is based on fuel sales and use of OHVs. The federal tax =
    >dollars are then divided among the states for use in building and =
    >developing hiking trails, horseback trails, biking trails, off-highway =
    >vehicle trails and other multi-use trails.=20
    >Reporter contact: Bob Bronson, Division of Outdoor Recreation, (317) =
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    I'm curious why the state is making the move here? I understand that its joint between state and the feds, but the state seems to by and large have the majority role here. Seems kinda strange, but I guess the more money representatives can get in the home districts the more they'll fight for it.. Are the atlanta area clubs also planning a similar move with anderson creek and the large sept. clean up run?

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