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    Well I got my Blazer running today. I finally got the right starter from Advanced and set the timing and she fired right up[​IMG] After that I took the doors apart and pushed out the dents from kicking it when it broke down. I also replaced the pass. side vent window assembly that was broke. Then I tried to get the back window working but everything is so rotted I couldn't so I took the bolts out of the regulator to drop the window down. Then I decided to try to take the top off. I had never done this but always wanted to. After removing the bolts I had to break the seal by using a tire iron wrapped with a couple rags. Then I slide it back as far as I could without it falling off. Then my neighbor that we never talk to seen I was having trouble so he came over and we lifted it off. I think it hurt his back cause he took off and went straight into his house. I took it out for a spin and boy did I get looks. I don't know if it was because it looked cool or it looked stupid because it is only 50 degrees today but oh well. Now I just heard thunderstorms are expected tomorrow and I have to find a way to get the top back on tonight even though the rest of the week is going to be warm and dry. I guess the wife will have to help! This is where a soft top would come in handy. Check out the pic.

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