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    Well here is the issue I am running into with my Fullsize 89 Blazer. One on my injectiors is firing on and off (on minute it will be on the next minute it will stop firing) The computer comes up with two codes code 43 (electronic spark control) and code 45 (Running rich). I took it to the GM dealer and the tech said that the computer is trying to componsate for the richness and is causing the injector to stop firing (Driver side). It looks like I am gonna have to go in and see what is causing it to run rich.

    Few things done
    1.) fuel injectors have been replaced (Both)
    2.) new MAP sensor and Electronic Spark Contorl
    3.) new Oxygen sensor

    Does anybody have any suggestions as to why it is running rich. I was told to replace the throttle body seal to the manafold. could that be a cause?

    any info would be appreciated very much
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    It sounds like that gasket could have been the problem. The engine may be thinking it is getting more air and is compensating it with more fuel. When in reality it isn't gettin that much more air. I am not an expert in fuel injection but, it seems like you got the probable cauese of the rich condition. I hope this helped somewhat!

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