Rust Wars - Episode 2

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    In the last episode our intrepid rust warrior had won a major the battle against our nefarious enemy - Rust. It was a cruel attack on an almost helpless victim, the sad, thin little GM TailPan. It was a hard fought battle won only through the use of a secret weapon, a weapon inspired by a fellow K5er. Yes, thats right 1/4" steel box tube! Why 1/4" steel you ask. Why I say, because no self respecting rust warrior would go into battle with stock tin... Yes, but that's another story for another time.

    Episode 2 finds our warrior looking out of the rear view mirror of his tRusty steed (sorry Rene, couldn't resist) and wondering why he continues to see more of sky than the highway with each passing day. Could it be that a stealth attack has been underway? It took no extensive recon to identify the enemy - Rust, yes that's right people, R-U-S-T. No doubt aided by road salt and improper application of underbody treatment, this rust was depriving my standard issue, reclining high back seat its god-given right to a proper foundation. A call to action had been issued!

    The next scene is one of which I'm sure many of my fellow rust warriors are familiar, and includes a few tried and true weapons, an open shop door and an incredulous spouse.

    The weapons needed were standard issue and included:
    1. Grinder, 4.5", 5 amp, Supplier: Craftsman
    2. Reciprocating Saw, 7 amp, Supplier Milwaukee
    3. Welder, MIG, Supplier: Lincoln
    4. Steel, 1/8" Diamond Plate, Supplier: Guy down the street
    5. Steel, 3/16"x2.5 angle
    6. Rust Converter
    6. Steel, Will of
    7. Spouse, incredulous (optional)

    Seats out, grind, grind, grind, saw, saw, saw, grind some more, saw some more and so on.

    <<OK, enough of that>>

    I removed the drivers side floor from the bed to just about even with the front of the console and it was ugly. Did you know that you don't even really have to touch sharp, rusty tin to cut yourself? Body armor highly recommended.

    Ended up replacing about 12 inches of the cross-floor support that connects to the posts that lead up to the B pillars, as well as the small post that connects the length-wise floor support to the front of the bed. I also had to refab, the little channel at the door - not too difficult. Spent most of the day getting ready to put the floor back in.

    I ended up doing the floor in 3 main pieces due to the various elevations of the support structure, probably could've gotten away with two pieces though. Did some more grinding to get the pieces to fit properly and then lots 'o weldin ensued. Ran out of gas, ran out of wire, got restocked and then, well, lots more welding. Got the floor back in, still not completely done, but enough to start fabbing up the seat mounts, since I do have to drive this thing to work the next day. I used the aforementioned angle iron and ground it to what I thought would fit the contours of the floor while putting the driver's seat somewhere in the vicinity of level. Hah, was I wrong! Fixed that by using some 1" pipe as spacers. TA-DAH, a level seat!

    By this time its about 0-dark:30 and I'm working with a mini maglite strapped to my head, so I put everything away, drove my truck back around front, remembered I had long since drank my last beer, shrugged, ate some leftover pizza, watched funny car drags on Speed Vision and fell asleep...

    And that, folks, is a day (or two) in the life of...
    A Rust Warrior!

    Next episode: Passenger Mercy Mission


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