?'s about setting up a 14 bolt

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BigMac, Aug 2, 2002.

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    ?\'s about setting up a 14 bolt

    It seems I am finally ona get some progress on my rear axle upgrade... so I began asking questions @ Drivetrain Direct..

    I plan to run 4.56 gears.. there are two option thick and standard... Thick gears will ride on a standard open carier... regular gears need the smaller carier..
    Any down side to running thick gears, besides there 230 bucks?
    I'd like to go with the thick gears because the carier should be easy to find...and the tube Im looking at has a gov locker in it.. since a new one is 200 bucks this is a good thing.. with the total reaching about 1000 bucks just in parts so saving a couple bucks on the carier would be good.
    Im begining to think my Harley's not so expensive to work on..

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