?'s Regarding D60 into '90 Jimmy

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    ?\'s Regarding D60 into \'90 Jimmy

    I found a great deal on a rear D60 from an early 3/4 ton pickup, I am planing on installing it on my '90 Jimmy. My ?'s are these-

    1. How difficult will this install be, and what additional parts may/will be required?

    2.The D60 has 4.10's, would it be worthwhile to regear the front to match, and convert to 8 lug. Or should I use the front axle from my '85 3/4 GMC pickup? (Keep in mind this will not be a "hardcore" vehicle, I'm just trying to rid myself of the weak 10 bolt rear end, get geared correctly for 33's, and I can't pass up this price. Therefore I don't really need a D60 front axle, unless some one has one for a song! (-: )

    Thanks in advance for your replies, Z.

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