"safari" k5

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    \"safari\" k5

    I was thinking of an idea that would benefit me while chasing coyotes and I came up with this idea.
    Get a junked up k5and lift it a few inches then take the top off and cutting a space out big enough to fit a guy and a gun through. then putting up a nice strong rool cage over it so that if it was to tip a guy would have a little protection. underneath the space would be a k5 driver or passenger seat setting just a little higher than the back bench seat with a seat belt. I guess you may have to see the drawing to get what i am saying. Anyone got any ideas on how to make the shooter space convertible so that you can quickly drop it down if it begins to rain?

    1985 k-5 gmc jimmy 4x4 sierra classic. 1970 cuda 440 6 pack executive edition steering column shift.

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