saw the muffler man today- yyeeehhaa!

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    Jul 15, 2001
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    Brought Mudnuri up to the muffler man...this is the same place that would not put on the dual exaust way back when..but it's about 1 hour closer to me than the place that did the work...he came out and looked at my system..told me he believes it is the muffler, though its pretty hard to tell between that or the cat. his reasoning for it being the muffler is that both cats have the same "heat marks"..neither one is worse than the other, but the pass side muffler is much nastier looking than the $55.00 to fix it, replace the muffler. He said to leave the other pipes alone, (with the incorrect install), because nothing leakes, which is good considering I have headers.he'd rather only mess with them if something starts leaking...which we pray wont! So Friday at 10am the girl goes in to get a new muffler..we'll know by the time I get home if that was the floor heat problem or not..

    now onto the power steering pump squeek every now and then...


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