Scenic CT trail may be recognized by National Park Service

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    <font color="green">Got this from one of the clubs I'm in: </font>

    Subject: RE: [ec4wdalanduse] Letters NEEDED! Feds looking to recognize CT trail
    Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 16:56:20 -0700

    David: Your links didn't work right and I had a tough time figuring out how to get the article you refer to, but was finally able to.

    We need to strategize in how to organize a large campaign against not just this particular proposal, but the entire program to federally designate these trails and then use that designation to eliminate any motorized recreation anywhere near them. We know folks at NPS and the Dept of Interior who we could possibly contact about motorized recreation getting some recognition in these areas. We might be able to help create a "national" firestorm of protest against these sorts of proposals.

    Clark L. Collins, Executive Director
    BlueRibbon Coalition
    4555 Burley Drive, Suite A
    Pocatello, ID 83202
    ph.(208)237-1008 ext. 101
    fax (208)237-9424

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    Subject: [ec4wdalanduse] Letters NEEDED! Feds looking to recognize CT trail

    Hey everyone... first off, head on over to that link...after reading I do &gt;believe the trail they speak of is the one that runs right across the top of Mt Besek and Lamentation (just did some quick research and it does encompass both
    mountains.... IF that trail were to get Federal recognition, we would lose any chance of getting access to the roads that intertwine with it, despite the fact that they are on private property... right now, there is still a very
    small chance of getting Lamentation re-opened to club only runs, with a special land owner agreement... waiting a couple more years before aproaching them... want to make sure they're calmed down from years of past overuse...

    Anyway, if this gets passed (this study, from beginning to end, will take about 2-3 years and then, the actual process of this trail becoming a National Scenic Trail could take up to ten years) most of the times, abutting lands get purchased and any and all mechanized use gets prohibited along with hunting,on the actual trail and abutting, federally owned lands. Unfortunately, I just learned of several mtgs that took place last week with regards to this.
    I am ticked that I didn't find out earlier, as I would have made an attempt to attend.

    So, this is what you need to do... go to simply type in your zip code or town and it will tell you who your reps are... I think it will even give you local reps/senators too... type a quick letter, saying...

    Hi, my name is________, I am gainst the Metacomet-Mattabassett trail being Fedrally recognized/managed. I have privation for the consequences this would have on private property rights, mechanized recreation and hunting not only on the actual trail but on lands abutting the trail that would also be managed
    or purchased by the Federal gov't. Please take whatever actions are needed to prevent this from happening. Thank you, Sincerely your constituent, (your name, address)

    There is also similar stuff proposed in MA... only MA is looking to Feds to takeover some of its state forests and turn them to National Forests. Look fwd to an excellent article from Tim Wagner of MA. He has written something that
    pulls alot of info into one letter, and condences about 4-5 pieces of mail we (the land access community) have rec'd recently.

    It regards the issue many of responded to where MA wants to turn over many state forest lands to the Federal gov't for use as National Forests/or Parks. This planning has not included any motorized users (this is the issue that
    many of you responded to about two weeks ago) and according to a quote from a recent mtg a certain Bob O'Connor (MA EOEA, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs) made this paraphrased comment: "I've rec'd hundreds of letters from
    Connecticut jeep people and if they think we are going to allow them into the planning, they're crazy." Excellent work people !!

    So, your next assignment is to email Mr. O'Connor and let him know that keeping ANY motorized users out of the planning is not a smart thing. He can be accessed through email at:

    &gt;Talk soon,
    ps... club presidents, please fwd to your club lists, Thanx!
    Dave Brill
    Land Use Chair: East Coast 4WD Assoc.
    Land Use Chair: Region D/Northeast, EC4WDA
    V.Pres. &amp; Land Use Chair: Eastern 4 Wheelers
    Blue Ribbon Coalition, Tread Lightly!, NAMRC
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