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    Dig this fellas...

    John Accera Is Really Your Princi-PAL

    [​IMG]On Wednesday, the news broke of one John Acerra, principal of a Bethlehem middle school who also apparently dealt meth out of his office on the side.

    Could the story get weirder? (Or, y'know, stupider, since if you're a meth dealer you probably don't want to sell at a freaking school due to the increased penalties and greater chance you'll get caught.) But anyway, the answer: Oh, yes. Yes it could.
    Yesterday, the police said when they entered the principal's office for selling meth to an informant during a sting operation, he was naked and watching gay porn! It's like John Acerra knew Milton Street was going to sing at his campaign rally and said, "Hmm. If I'm going to get arrested, I better do something to get the notoriously fickle -- and large! -- Philadelphia market to pay attention to me. Hmm... oh, here's my gay porn stash, this will do." Yes, yes, that probably didn't happen, since it'd require an awful amount of foresight.
    But, hey. When you're horny, you're horny. Okay, so maybe not while at work. Especially if you're the principal and you also sell drugs on the side. To recap: so the story of the popular principal selling meth out of his office to random clients who came into the school somehow now includes nudity and gay porn. You have to admit, Acerra really went all out. I feel like, even if he's convicted, he still deserves a party or something for just really taking crime to a new level.

    According to Morning Call stories on Wednesday and Thursday, the school's $97,667 principal, John Acerra, was arrested on drug charges after police said they caught him selling crystal methamphetamine to their informants at three different locations, including his office at school.

    Second news article:
    Sources said that when police raided Acerra's office, they found him at his desk in his birthday suit, watching gay porn, with a bag of crystal meth on his desk. Also found, police said, was money they had marked and supplied to an informant to buy the drugs.

    ''This is all bizarre,'' Superintendent Joseph Lewis was quoted as saying, in the understatement of the century.

    Acerra, 50, described as the ''coolest principal in the Bethlehem Area School District,'' faces felony drug charges and was in jail under $200,000 bail. It probably is safe to say this will not improve his position on the Social Register.
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    You aRe a day or two too late......

    Homeslice already posted up about this on here somewhere.
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    yeah....our area is a tad big focked
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