Scottish baseball

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    A Scottish man was at a baseball game.It was the first time he had ever seen the sport so he satquietly. The first batter
    approached the plate, took a fewswings and then hit a double. Everyone was on their feetscreaming "Run, Run!"This happened
    two more times, with a single and a triple. TheScottish man was now excited and ready to get into the game.The next batter
    came up and four balls went by. The umpirecalled "walk" and the batter started on a slow trot to first. TheScotsman, extremely
    excited now, stood up and screamed, "R-R-Runye basstarrd, rrrun!"Everyone around him started laughing. So the Scotsman,
    extremelyembarrassed, sat back down. A friendly fan, seeing theScotsman's embarrassment, leaned over and said, "He can't
    run -he got four balls."The Scotsman then stood up and screamed, "Walk with pride,man...walk with pride!"

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