Seasonal Trail closures

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by Chevit, Nov 10, 2003.

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    Subject: RE: Seasonal Trail closures
    >Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 11:28:55 -0800

    >University Firepower
    >We have closed University Firepower Trail for the season. It will re-open
    >after the rainy season. The last several years it has re-opened sometime
    >in late spring.
    >Firebreak Five
    >Sometime next week we will be closing the upper segment (Saddle Mountain
    >Road to the Rock Crawl) of Firebreak Five Trail for the season. Access to
    >the rock crawl will be maintained from the top. We will also be rocking
    >the access trail to the rock crawl about the same time the closure work
    >takes place. There are a couple of other routes in the area that will
    >also be closed on a more permanent basis. The route that people have
    >started from Firebreak Five toward the lower sections of the rock crawl
    >and the route that takes off toward private land from the top of Firebreak
    >We have some problems at the west end of Hogsback. The steep section has
    >become deeply rutted in places and several new routes were created around
    >the steep section. In addition, users started to drive/ride through a
    >meadow like area below the steep section and created a significant
    >problem. We have blocked and rehabed the meadow area and we have closed
    >and blocked the new routes that developed around the steep section. The
    >steep section is not sustainable. The situation is very similar to what
    >has taken place on University Firepower and the upper section of Firebreak
    >Five. I think the long term solution is to reroute the steep section but
    >would be willing to discuss other long term options.
    >At this point we are considering a couple of short term options for the
    >winter/spring seasons. The first is to set up Hogsback for one way
    >traffic east to west so people would not be going up the the steep
    >section. The second is to close that segment of Hogsback trail for the
    >season and re-open again in late spring. What do you think?
    >Could you please help spread the word about the University Firepower
    >seasonal closure and the upcoming season closure for Firebreak 5.
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    thanks for posting this info /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif
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    any updates on the browns camp area in TSF. ?
    im sure something will happen up there soon if they dont get any rain soon.

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