Sell the K5?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by newyorkin, Nov 16, 2002.

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    May 8, 2001
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    I'm torn up about this...

    The K5 has suddenly decided to rot 3x faster than normal, probably in part due to being parked on dirt for a couple weeks during rainy season. Now, as I drive her, she seems to have lost power (and lose power as the mileage gets worse), tapping lifter that comes and goes (but has been there more often than not lately), and the steering is still frigged up from my stump encounter in May (not that I expected it to fix itself)...

    So looking at everything I have going on, I don't see myself working on this baby intensely for at least a year, and I'm afraid by that time, there will be too much rust to recover from without massive frame-up work. If I had a place to park it that was paved, these thoughts would barely be entering my head...

    I'm just afraid that I'm going to blow the motor soon, park it, it'll rust beyond being worth repairing, and when I get time to get back to it, I'll be looking at it thinking I should've gotten a decent amount of money and sent her to a good home while I had the chance.

    I don't know. The K5 is too big and drinks too much gas to realistically keep using for commuting. I don't want to sell it, though, and in a couple years when the house is in less need, not be able to find another decent K5 to build up and be forced to buy something lesser.

    I dunno what to do. I can get $2500 for the truck right now if I fix the steering. If I let it sit to the point I can work on it but find too much body need, I'll end up being lucky to get $500 then, and I'll have degraded a decent K5.

    Thoughts from those in similar shoes?
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    I was in this very situation some time ago. The body was literally falling off of it by the time I was able to work on it. By then it was too late. A fellow CK5'er rescued it and is now 'restoring' it. (Thanks Jesse). I was without a K5 all of two weeks before I found one that didn't need constant attention, although I have sunk some "preventive maintenance" dollars into this one.

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