selling/trading the '53 6400 chevy truck

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    selling/trading the \'53 6400 chevy truck

    1953 6400 series 16,000GVW 7800 empty weight 2 ton chevy truck with 2 speed large eaton rear axle and sm420 4 speed tranny and 235 engine with 92,000 original miles speedo still works, 20" tires, truck would be great for restoration or use on farm or similar.

    i want to see if anyone is interested in the truck minus the bed and hoist equipment ? that is technically cab and chassis in which is what truck rolled off the assembly line as.
    this truck runs and drives and is very reliable and sound,
    fires right up everytime, does not need engine or brake or tranny work or any work at all.
    the 235 engine doesnt even have that typical blue puff of smoke at cold startup that you see on older engines. very clean smooth good running truck.

    i can hold/store truck if someone puts half down on that 500.
    central IL on I-55 exit 123 -near springfield- in town of Lincoln

    i have to get no less than 500 for truck or i may possibly maybe trade for reliable good running small car such as mazda or nova or s-10 similar, must run perfect and have no problems just like the 6400 truck! 500 is already enough of a steal, so.. pics can be available but i have to have developed and placed online, or mail in snail mail. i might hahve a scanner i can use too.

    217 735 3230 home
    217 737 3797 cell

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