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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by GMtrucklover, Nov 5, 2001.

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    I was wondering while at the sema show did you see anything on bfg's being over 35"'s or 315/75/16's. If so did the mention a relase date and what tread was it?? Please let me know i have customers interested in them.

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    I spent a little time in the BFG booth, but not a lot. They had their 37-12.50-17 ATKO's on a lot of vehicles but no sign of any other 37's. I'm not sure what's going on with BFG, it's like they quit building tires or something. The "redesign" of the muds was a joke (at least compared to goodyear's MT/MTR) and they're super slow jumping on the 37" band wagon too. I'd really like to have a set of 37-12.50-16's in the ATKO tread, but I just don't see it happening soon.
    Their were a few trucks there with the 37-12.50-17 "E" load range MTR's and that looks like a nice tire for a heavy truck, but once again, expensive and not really available since 17" wheels are still kind of exotic.
    I think Swamper is the only company that really has it going lately.

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