Sensor questions for a Doubler in a '90 Sub

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by chvyhs, Feb 18, 2004.

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    Sensor questions for a Doubler in a \'90 Sub

    I posted this in the ORD board but I need more info Here's a link.
    Doubler Questions
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    Re: Sensor questions for a Doubler in a \'90 Sub

    So what are the issues? VSS should be dealt with for proper driveability, easily done with parts from (or stock stuff since you are electronic speedo)

    And although I have no experience with the 241, it has to have a 4wd indicator light switch, which may or may not also disable ABS when engaged. Not sure if GM did that your year or not. As Steve mentioned, 205's use different parts depending on if it was equipped with a 4wd light switch or not, you just can't put a 205 4wd indicator switch in an older non-switched case.

    With the doubler setup, is that a 205 with the 203 parts behind or of in front of it?

    VSS is obviously driveshaft speed, so whatever comes "last" in the drivetrain is where it needs to be read/placed.

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