Sept 11th....the moment of silence

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Greg72, Sep 11, 2005.

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    They just did the moment of silence in NYC.

    It still gets to me every time.


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    ..... :(
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    Silence is golden...(a concert reveiw )

    I attended a concert at Indian Ranch in Webster Ma yesterday,featuring Chely Wright,Julie Roberts,and Shelly was a "Tribute to the Heroes" show held in honor of our military,poilce,and firefighters..

    Chely just returned from performing in Iraq for our troops last thursday,and had to jump right on her bus to get here for yesterdays show--her older brother Chris is currently serving in the Marines(a 14 year veteran!)--and is in Iraq now..

    There was a ceremony with a state representitive that awarded a plaque to a soldier who has served 3 tours of duty in Iraq!..very inspiring!.

    Before Chely performed her song "Bumper of my SUV",not really a "song",but a narrated statement she wrote for the troops about how a lady in a mini-van flipped her off while driving in TN one day,and pulled up beside her at a traffic light,pointed to the "U.S. Marines" bumper sticker on her SUV,and said "WAR IS WRONG",and went into a tirade about the USA bullying other countries!--its a very moving song,and I just saw the video on GAC the other day for the first time--I almost cried,the footage of Chely performing over there,and riding in tanks and helicopters really got to me!

    That video is dedicated to a soldier named Joshua Henry--Chely met him in the autograph line after her concert in bagdad,and spoke with him awhile..the very next day he was killed in action in an ambush!--Chely rode on the same plane as Joshua did back to the USA..she said she'd NEVER forget that day,and all the soldiers begged her to record the "Bumper" song and send it to Iraq so they could play it on armed forces radio...a few days after she returned to nashville,she did record it at a studio,and sent copies to the military base where she performed..

    One day a few weeks later,she was in NYC,and her cell phone rand--A DJ from a florida radio station was asking if they could have a interveiw live with Chely on the phone about her "new song"--she asked "what song"??--I haven't released any new songs in months! (The "Bumper" song was done as a favor for the troops,and was never intended to be released to the public!--but one soldier sent a copy to his mom in the states,and she burned a cd copy and brought it to the florida station!--their phone lines were burning up with requests for "Bumper of My SUV!")...

    Chely was shocked--and the song became the #1 selling single of this year,and Chely donated the 20,000 dollars it made to the USO and other agencies that help the troops!

    You could have heard a pin drop when she told about Joshua Henry being killed--and a gasp went thru the was a very moving tribute to one of our fallen heroes...

    Too bad the rest of the concert the crowd was more interested in drinking and talking and generally ignoring the artists onstage!..I got very aggravated more than once!..and only 300-400 people showed up!--I was ashamed of MA and new england for not showing more support for our heroes(the venue probably LOST money!)...the sound system did no justice to any of the singers either,the vocals were drowned out by the band for the most part...

    I got to meet Chely for about 10 seconds as she was being escorted to a mini van 20 minites after her bus left,and she autographed a cassete of her very first tape she released in 1993--and she said"gee,I haven't seen a cassette in a LONG time!" :wink1: --I told her thats how long I've been hooked on your music,and she reached over the fence,and squeezed my hand,and gave me a "thank you" look with her eyes that melted me! :D

    --only a few fan club members with backstage passes got to meet her in private
    after the show--many fan club members were not able to get passes,and were very upset..the other 2 artists met with anyone who wanted to stand in line,but only until the next show started,so many got left out..
    ..I didn't bother to meet Shelly Fairchild or Julie Roberts,but I did get a few close up pictures..all 3 are living dolls!.. :D was a very good show,I just wish the morons who thought it was a good idea to talk all thru the show hadn't ruined it for the others who wanted to listen!--people are ignoranuses around here at concerts lately,especially the outdoor shows where alcohol is served...I prayed for all those serving in uniform--our lives depend on them every day.. :bow: :bow:

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